Friday, March 16, 2012

What Would You Do?

The popular show on ABC that acts out different scenarios in public places to see if anyone will react and step in.  Tonight the show is about bullying.
The scene:  a young man who happens to be an albino is sitting on a street bench when two other young men come up and start harassing him.  Out of the 200 people who passed by that day only 14 stopped to help.  Fourteen!!  Why?  Why aren't more people willing to stand up for someone being bullied?
The scenario was changed up a bit to include a girlfriend sitting with the young man on the bench.  And still most people walked on by.
But of the 14 who stopped to intervene, I applaud you!  These people were not afraid to say something, to stop the bullying.  They knew it wasn't right and they were strong enough to say so.  They did what we all should do in this case, stand up for what you believe in.  Treat others like you would want to be treated, in this case, help this person who is being bullied just like you would want someone to help you if you were the one sitting on the bench.  Often times it only takes one person to step in and then others find their strength to step in too.
The actor playing the young man on the bench was brought to tears at the compassion of those who helped him.  He said that this scenario happens to him often but usually no one is strong enough to step in and say anything.
All I can say is put yourself in his shoes.  Think about how it would make you feel to be bullied and watch others just walk on by, willing to let it continue happening.  Isn't that what happened with Jesus when he went before the Sanhedrin?  I have to imagine that there was at least one person in that room who disagreed with what was happening.  Unfortunately that one person did not stand up for what he knew was wrong.
Which person do you want to be?  Are you willing to let fear lead you?  Are you willing to walk on by and see the behavior as acceptable?  Can you justify ignoring the situation?  Are you always going to be willing to let others lead the way even if you disagree?
Stand up, be counted, be willing to say "this is wrong."  Don't walk on by.

Want to watch the episode with host John Quinones, click here:

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