Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ohio School Shooting

In thinking about and praying for all those affected by this horrible tragedy, I am wondering why there are always conflicting reports.  As usual there are the similar reports that the shooter was an outcast, dressed in goth style, and didn't have many friends.
The conflict that is present, which I seem to notice happens often when things like this happen, is that some are saying he was bullied and others are saying he was never bullied.  I saw the same thing happening with Ruth Ann Payton, the 12 year old girl who killed herself two weeks ago.
Are others just not willing to admit there was bullying?  Are they afraid of being bullied themselves if they speak up?  Or do they just not want to get involved?
The school here in Chetek where Payton attended says they have things in place to prevent and report bullying.  But as teachers and counselors were meeting with the kids after Payton's death no one was saying anything about bullying, therefore making the school feel that bullying was not an issue.  I really don't like to accuse or suggest that the school officials were not telling the truth, but we all know that bullying goes on everywhere.  What I don't understand is why reports coming from outside the perimeter of the school grounds say bullying was definitely a part of this girls decision to end her life at such a young age.
My heart goes out to the families in Ohio who are having to deal with children who were injured yesterday, it goes out to everyone having to understand their feelings and fears.  It especially goes out to the family who lost a child.  No parent should have to suffer that.  And my heart goes out to the family of the shooter and him.  Obviously this boy, this child, was hurting in some way to make him feel the need to hurt and kill other kids.  I cannot pretend to know or understand why.  But it breaks my heart.
What are your thoughts on this tragedy?  What are your thoughts on why kids don't want to admit that bullying is occurring?  Are we as parents and educators, pastors dropping the ball somewhere?  Are we causing them to fear telling us these things or admitting these things?  I just want to understand.

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